We hope you are enjoying some carefree summer days.  With school out allowing for a more relaxed schedule and warmer temperatures, it gives us unique opportunities for some fun preschool fun.  Spend sometime with your preschooler this week by doing one of these fun ideas:

  1. Have a picnic!  Visit Poor Farm Park to play on their Tot Lot and enjoy an old fashioned picnic.  The family can take a small hike and find some letterboxes hidden on the trails in the woods.
  2. Pitch a tent.  You don’t have to go far – your own back yard will do.  Pretend you are on a grand adventure and the fun will follow.
  3. Car Wash – Crank the song carwash and let your family wash the car together.  Yes, you may be sprayed with the hose.  But it will surely delight your preschooler with smiles and giggles as everyone is covered in bubbles and water.
  4. Visit the Goochland Drive-In – it is very family friendly and is showing Toy Story 4 through June 30th.  Take a look at http://www.goochlanddriveintheater.com for more information.



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