We are getting excited as we prepare for the new preschool.  The staff has been busy painting and rearranging the preschool area of the church.  It will be ready to roll in September!  There are still some spots available for this fall.  Contact Tammy at director.faithcommunityacademy@gmail.com or call her at 749-4411 with questions or enrollment information.

This week we encourage you to have some fun with your preschooler by doing one of these activities:

  1. Host a lemonade stand.
  2. Make a pinecone birdfeeder.   Visit Red Ted Art for instructions for an easier feeder.  The birds and your kids will love it!  https://www.redtedart.com/pine-cone-crafts-bird-feeders//

3. Create a treasure hunt.  Here is a link for great treasure hunt  ideas, https://www.mykidsadventures.com/treasure-hunt-kids-guide/.

4. Build an indoor fort with blankets, sofa cushions, large cardboard boxes, etc.  Let your imagination run wild.  Afterwards, hang out together in the fort and color a picture.

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