After a fun filled October, where we went on a hayride, did pumpkin activities, had a policeman and fireman visit, and celebrated Halloween with a costume parade and party. We are ready to jump right into November. We are in the thick of several holidays and a very busy season for families. Therefore, it’s very appropriate that during this time before Thanksgiving, we take a moment to thank God for all of His Blessings in our lives. That will be our focus this month with our students as we also learn about turkeys, pilgrims, and native Americans.

We will continue to have chapel on Wednesdays with Pastor John and music on Thursdays with Ms. Connie, but we have added a new resource to our school. We have now officially opened our Library. Students will have a chance to check out 2 books each Tuesday to take home and share with their families.

Next month we’ll celebrate Christmas. We will have our Christmas Program Sunday, December 8th at the 11:00 am worship service.

If you’d like your child to join our school, please call us for a tour today! There are still some spots open. Enroll today, call 749-4411.

Some fun family ideas this month:

Turkey Tag

A game of tag is almost a necessity for a Thanksgiving get-together, and these DIY turkey tag clothespins make it even more fun.

Let the kids paint and decorate the clothespins to look like turkeys. Attach them to the back of their shirts, and they’re all ready for a fun game of tag.

Don’t just let all the kids have fun either. This is a great Thanksgiving game for the whole crew.

This printable Gratitude Scavenger Hunt from Let’s Get Together will have the family scrambling to find something that smells amazing, that has words on it, that makes me laugh, and so on.

This is originally meant to be a photo scavenger hunt, but it would still work wonderfully to have the guests write down their answers on the sheet.

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt from Let’s Get Together

Turkey Waddle is a fun and silly Thanksgiving game that will get the family out and moving. This is a relay race where you use balloons between your legs and try to get to the finish line first. It’s sure to cause some laughs and the kids, and the adults will love it.

Turkey Waddle from Party Game Ideas

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