School begins on September 5, 2023 and runs through May 23, 2024. 2-4 year-olds are dropped off at 9:00am and pickup is at 12:00pm Monday – Thursday. Kindergarten begins at 8:45am and pickup is at 1:45pm Monday – Thursday (work is sent home to complete on Fridays)

Below are the tuition rates for the upcoming school year:

There is registration fee of $150 per child. The registration fee is non-refundable and due upon registration.

2 Yr. Old Class – $313.00 per month / $2,817.00 annually

3 Yr. Old Class – $363.00 per month / $3,267.00 annually

4 Yr. Old Class – $397.00 per month / $3,573.00 annually

KINDERGARTEN Class – $503.00 per month / $4,527.00 annually

Cub Club – Extended day activities for STEAM exploration centered around our theme for the week. Hours are 12:00pm – 1:30pm for 3 & 4 year-olds on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The drop in cost is $20.00/day or the semester rate is $480 for the first half of the year ($15/day for 32 days) and $465 for the second half of the year ($15/day for 31 days).

We also offer Extended day programs on Monday and Wednesdays, Dancing Little Stars (a dance program)and Little Kicks (a soccer program) respectively. You will be given information to sign up for these activities through their programs, but participate here at preschool.

The enrollment agreement is for the entire school year. Payments are allowed to be made on a monthly basis. Tuition is due on the first of each month, beginning July 1, 2023 and ending March 1, 2024.

Tuition will be adjusted annually according to inflation plus 3%. Tuition assistance is available. Forms can be found on this website by clicking on registration and choosing forms from the dropdown box.