Emotional Goals:

Displays sense of security, Exhibits self-confidence, Has a positive attitude, Shows a desire to learn, Is willing to try something new

Behavioral Goals:

Listens attentively, Follows directions, Focuses on task at hand, Is not disruptive, Exhibits self-control, Uses toys and materials appropriately

Self-Help Goals:

Puts on coat/jacket without assistance, puts on shoes without assistance, Takes care of own toileting needs, Cleans up after self at snack, Tries to solve problems independently, Participates in classroom clean-up

Social Goals:

Plays cooperatively, Helps others, Interacts positively with peers, Interacts positively with adults, Stands up for own rights, Resolves conflicts peacefully, Exhibits good manners and is courteous

Language Goals:

Speaks clearly, Has age-appropriate vocabulary, Use personal pronouns correctly, Express needs and ideas verbally, Recites jingles and rhymes, Tell event or story in sequence, Follow 3 -step verbal directions

Physical Goals:

Is well coordinated, Display good balance, Exhibit skill on playground equipment, Pedal tricycle, Build with blocks, Throw/catch a ball, Pours milk/juice into a cup, Holds pencil correctly, Cut with Scissors, Manipulate buttons, Untie bow or knot, Draw a recognizable person, Write own name

Cognitive Goals:

Demonstrate knowledge of colors, shapes, numbers and letters, Work a 10-piece puzzle, Recognize own name, Know left and right

Spiritual Goals:

Know who God is, Know who Jesus is, Know of God’s love for us, Become familiar with Bible stories and people in the stories, Want to share God’s love for others