The PreK/4 yr old class meets Monday through Thursday each week from 9 am to 12 pm.

Emotional Goals:

Develops more empathy, More confidence stating their needs and feelings

Social Goals:

Friendships develop, Longer lasting play with others and more involved, Sharing and turn taking

Language Arts Goals:

Beginning to write and recognize letters: Letters in name, Recognize letters and sounds: Pretend writing, scribble writing with some letters and writing name on their artwork, Reading by pictures in the book: memorization, Begin to grasp that pictures and symbols represent real objects, Recall address and phone number

Math Goals:

Number patterns, Counting to 20: Calendar, counting objects in room, counting games, Simple addition and subtraction, Group according to 2 characteristics: color and shape, Understands number and space concepts: More, less, bigger, in, under, behind

Physical Goals:

Sits for – minutes actively engaged, Greater accuracy with scissors and writing utensils, Pump swing, Greater awareness of their space, Dress independently and tie shoes, Can cut on a line, Draw a body, Follow two step commands

Spiritual Goals:

Initial concept of God as Creator, Can express thankfulness in prayer, Begin to ask questions about God, More conscience, Begin to apply Bible stories/concepts to their life (honesty, love, kindness, etc.), Expanding their world to include others than their close contacts